Digital development is progressing rapidly. Where do you stand? We will show you the undreamed-of possibilities that await you beyond the horizon.

Beyond Horizont – the new Cologne-based consulting agency is the logical combination of healthcare agency and digital concept. It pools the know-how of the communication experts at Selinka/Schmitz and the digital experts at MINDACT.

We will help you to push beyond your existing digital horizon and unleash your full potential.

Digital channels are set to become the number one means of communications when it comes to the topic of health. We will show you the way to your ideal digital strategy: Beyond Horizont provides strategically tailored digital healthcare communication in compliance with the German Law on the Advertising of Medicinal Products (HWG).

Target-oriented digital strategies for the healthcare sector

Let your healthcare communication go beyond the apparent horizon and expand into the future.

Measurable. Individual. And effective.

A fusion of digitalisation and strategy with added value

Beyond Horizont is a joint venture of two independent, owner-managed agencies: Selinka/Schmitz Kommunikationsagentur, a leading agency in the German healthcare market, and MINDACT Consulting & Content, a digital agency specialised in passive and active sales communication.

Strategic foresight

Whether specialized target groups or addressing patients: What opportunities does Web3 hold for healthcare communication? If you want to set the course for the future in the best possible way, you have to keep pace with developments on the horizon.

We offer various exclusive services to help you effectively monitor and evaluate progress.

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Trend scouting

In a jungle of possibilities, we assess and adapt the latest digital communication options for the healthcare market.

  • Which are the right digital channels to address my target group at eye level and how do I enter into a dialogue?
  • Which channel best suits my corporate image?
  • How can I integrate and optimally link HWG-compliant content on these channels?
  • What does it cost to be one of the first movers in this respect?

Market research

Meaningful market data and relevant current insights for you: we optimise our strategies on the basis of agile target group surveys. In this way, you are always kept up to date on digital channels.

  • What role do influencers play in bringing attention to particular channels?
  • What do the various target groups expect from my digital offerings – in terms of content and functions?
  • Which channels will have the best cost-benefit ratio?


It is simply a matter of making the most of your internal and external circumstances. Discover your possibilities – in terms of content and technology.

  • Which prerequisites do I actually need for digital communication?
  • How can I optimally integrate digital measures with the rest of my communication?
  • Which internal target groups do I need to involve to achieve my objectives?
  • Is a workshop on the digital maturity of my company a good starting point?

Data-driven channel planning

Im Dschungel der Möglichkeiten bewerten und adaptieren wir aktuelle digitale Kommunikationsoptionen für den Healthcare-Markt.

  • Auf welchen digitalen Kanälen bin ich mit meiner Zielgruppe auf Augenhöhe und wie komme ich in einen Dialog?
  • Welcher Kanal passt zu meinem Firmenimage?
  • Wie kann ich auf diesen Kanälen HWG-konform Inhalte einbinden und optimal vernetzen?
  • Was kostet es, hier einer der First Mover zu sein?

Performance review

Digital success is measurable. Evaluating it is part of our digital communication strategy from the outset: we continuously track all measures and make adjustments when necessary.

  • Which success criteria are important for me?
  • How can they be measured?
  • What additional data is available to evaluate the success of a channel?
  • Can I deploy my budget even more effectively?
  • What objectives will be achievable for me in the future?

Tim A. Bohlen

Managing Director

“State-of-the-art healthcare communication requires digitalisation to address target groups and create value on a whole new level. We will make these opportunities as accessible as possible for our clients by enabling them to reach their target group in the ideal way at the most relevant moment.”

Doris Lütke

Managing Director

“Our shared experience and cooperation has shown that in many individual digital projects as part of product and corporate campaigns, taking a holistic view helps to broaden the digital horizon in order to better exploit untapped opportunities. We will assist and guide you to achieve your goals – including in collaboration with your own digital service providers.”


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